Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Informal FAQ, Part 2

Another FAQ question that came to mind recently:

Q: Where do you measure from when moving a unit, given that some of the maneuvers described in the rulebook (such as the diagram on p33 depicting the turning unit) appear to be illegal if you use the corner to corner rule, and likewise, this would prevent certain units from ever being able to turn around due to the far corner in the NE becoming the far corner in the SW for a complete turn?

A: Our rule of thumb is to always measure from the front-middle of the movement tray or the back-middle of the movement tray, whichever has moved more. Basically, if your move was 6", a legal move is one where your front-middle of the tray doesn't move more than 6" total, nor the back middle of the tray doesn't move more than 6". This allows for easy turns and turning a formation around (though it clearly costs movement to do so), and there is no "free lunch" movement that is possible, as any move must displace one of these two points.

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